Quarter Marathon 12 km



Distance: 12 km
Ascent: 1000 m
Descent: 150m

Mountain points: 9

Cut off time: 4 hours
Start: Sliven, „Old Elm Tree“
Finish: Balgarka Peak Road Branch


21.10.2023 (Saturday)

8:00 Start – Old Elm Tree – European Tree of the Year 2014, simultaneous for all participants.

A detailed programme is coming in September 2023!


For all participants in the Half Marathon and the Quarter Marathon, there will be organized transport of luggage to the final.

Transport of finalists from the final to town:

  1. There is an organized transport from the final to the Upper Lift Station. Each participant can use the lift free of charge after providing a BIB number or
  2. Walk down back to the final following the marking of the Marathon trace.




Starts at the Old Elm Tree, European Tree of the year – 2014, near the monument of Hadzhi Dimitar, goes through the whole length of Sliven Main Street, after Rozova Gradina bridge goes towards the monument of Panayot Hitov and Late antique and medieval fortress Tuida, leaves the town, climbing up the Alley of Health and reaching the ruins of medieval fortress Marineno Gradishte situated over the high hill Gagovetz and following its the steep ridge is climbing up to Kutelka Peak. Afterwards it continues to the highest peak in Eastern Stara Planina – Balgarka and after going down by the Eastern slope it finishes.